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The Future Of Electric Motor Testing Is Here

Introducing our all new Electric Motor Dyno.

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ISO9001 Accredited

iso9001 certification

Electrified Automation has achieved ISO9001 accreditation for its Quality Management System (QMS).

Not only does it demonstrate our commitment to meeting the requirements and standards expected by our customers, it also recognises the hard work of our team who have delivered IS09001 at such an early stage in the development of our business.

Quality Management System

Electrified Automation is ISO9001 accredited for its Quality Management System (QMS).

As a trusted partner to our customers this means we will:

  • Fulfil all compliance obligations including: Committing to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, product and service safety conformity and risk mitigation
  • Provide a framework to achieve QMS objectives, targets and programmes
  • Identify the potential consequences associated with our products and services as well as their nature, use and intended lifetime
  • Undertake regular evaluations of the performance and effectiveness of our QMS
  • Address risks and opportunities by integrating our QMS into our business processes and strategies
  • Continuously improving our QMS and enhancing its performance.

For more information, click here to read our full Quality Policy.

Environmental Standards

We aim to achieve the highest possible levels of compliance across the whole of our business and operations and are also working towards ISO14001 environmental standards, which we hope to deliver later this year.

Somerset Company Meets Secretary of State

Somerset Company Meets Secretary of State

Electrified Automation welcomed Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng and Ian Liddell-Grainger MP to its Bridgwater factory to highlight how R&D in UK manufacturing needs more support to prevent its economic value being exported overseas.

Managing Director Jim Winchester explained how companies in the early stages of growth routinely end up being saddled with debt when they try to take their business to the next level, which makes them attractive to acquisition and often results in them losing ownership of their IP

Jim said: “The problem for UK manufacturing is that this creates a vacuum in the supply chain and we lose the economic opportunities associated with the scaling-up of new technologies to other countries.” He went on to talk about the skills shortage in the sector and said: “We also need more qualified engineers and technicians to support the expansion of EV technology in the UK.”

Kwasi Kwarteng, said: “It was great to be in Bridgwater this week to visit Electrified Automation alongside Ian Liddell-Grainger MP.

“Firms like Electrified Automation are at the heart of our plan to grow the economy and create good, high-skilled jobs. That is why we are continuing to back our nation of innovators, supporting them in their early stages of growth with innovation funding, and giving them the tools they need to create great British tech.”

Electrified Automation has experienced significant growth in its first year and has a strong order book for 2022. It helps businesses both in the UK and abroad to ramp-up manufacturing of electric motor products with its precision automated technology.

Support from BEIS funded Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) was critical in enabling Electrified Automation to accelerate the development of their technology.

Ian Constance, CEO, APC UK, also attended the visit. He said: “We’re incredibly proud to see what our APC funding has achieved and are looking forward to seeing how Electrified Automation continue to power forward.

“It is a great example of the benefits of investing in low-carbon innovation and strengthening the UK automotive supply chain. Their success is leading to growth and jobs while at the same time helping to decarbonise transport and lower harmful emissions.

“The electric vehicle transition is happening now, so we need to make sure we are supporting UK companies across the whole supply chain, to anchor manufacturing in the UK.”

Top photo from left to right:

*       Lloyd Ash, Innovation Director, Electrified Automation
*       Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State BEIS
*       Jim Winchester, Managing Director, Electrified Automation
*       Ian Constance, CEO, APC
*       Ian Liddell-Grainger, Bridgwater MP

Meet the team: James Wellens

Meet James Wellens, Operations Coordinator here at Electrified Automation. His role is extremely varied as makes a significant contribution to all operational aspects of the business.

James is responsible for ensuring that the necessary parts and equipment arrive on site and on time and that our facilities are of the standard required for project completion. 

Prior to joining Electrified, James completed a BEng (Hons) Motorsport Technology degree and managed a race team and a go-kart track. 

James was attracted to the role at Electrified after hearing about how we were a new company dedicated to producing innovative technology and are helping the world move towards a greener future. 

James is currently working on a wide range of projects from implementing a quality, robust and reliable supply chain, reorganising areas of the facility and introducing new Health and Safety practices. 

Speaking about his time at Electrified, James said:

“Over the first year of operating here in Bridgwater, I’ve seen a great change not only in the facility but the business itself.  

“I am extremely proud of how far we have come and how we have turned the old ex-plant workshop into a respectable facility, capable of showcasing our machines and our abilities as a business.” 

James hopes to gain as much exposure as possible to all the operational facilities at Electrified, covering Quality, Supply Chain, Health and Safety and HR, before eventually progressing to Operations Manager.

Meet the Team: Chris Bailey

Meet Chris Bailey, one of our Mechanical Design Engineers within Electrified’s Automation Department. This role involves creating a concept and following this through to a built and delivered machine.

Chris has been in design close to a decade with a mixed background. He has worked in aerospace, with castings and for automotive companies such as BMW & Ford. This has given him a broad range of experience for managing projects and building working relationships with customers.

Chris was attracted to working at Electrified Automation due to the youth of the company and the challenging projects. He enjoys the fact he can help shape the department and implement changes for the better due to the company not being resistant to change.

A typical day for Chris involves working on machine concepts & prototype tooling, once these projects clear the design gates this work transforms to detailed design work and commissioning activities. He finds great interest in the role due to the innovative solutions and complex problems and problem solving involved.

To carry out the different aspects of his role Chris uses creativity and innovation to the start a project. Once a project is underway different skills such as attention to detail and self-checking become more prevalent. This is supported throughout with good communications and teamwork.

There are three projects underway with Chris based as the lead engineer. Currently all three of them are in the concept stage. This enables him to complete work while prototype tooling is being manufactured, these are

“One of my proudest moments at EA was a customer sign off. You get invested in a concept and believe it is the best solution to the problem. It is very satisfying to a showcase the concept to the customer and overachieve on their expectations.”

Chris hopes to grow with the company and take on more responsibility as opportunities arise. He enjoys mentoring people and leading projects.

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