Dyno Engineering

With 25+ years of technical experience in electric drives, power electronics and motor control we are providing a range of innovative solutions to enable our customers to test and validate e-machines.

Having the capability to test at voltages from 24-400VDC and powers ranging from 1-100kW our solutions meet a variety of markets and customer needs.

Taking a holistic approach to the system design we can provide customisable solutions for benchmarking electromagnetic products.

Electrified Automation validation


Bench top dyno system solution fitted with only essential tools.

  • Hardware Package
  • Control Package
  • Support Package
Electrified Automation enterprise


Full solution with entirely customisable capability.

  • Automated drive cycle analysis
  • Bespoke software development
  • Configurable analysing packages
Electrified Automation Academic


Designed specifically for Universities.

Plug & Play kit supplied.

Training & support available.

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