End of Line Machine

Our End of Line (EOL) Machine improves process controls, reduces manufacturing times and increases product reliability.

In-line testing and verification using our EOL machine is an extremely effective way to ensure high levels of quality, compliance and safety.

Air Decay Test

One of the most critical tests performed by our End of Line machine is an air decay test.

The system can be programmed to check the main motor cavity, cooling system or a combination of the two. This gives confirmation that the IP rating has been achieved.

It also verifies all the components are in place and the build process is correct.

Post Assembly Testing

Additional Testing Capability:

  • Back EMF Test for product performance
  • Short circuit current test
  • Encoder off-set, sine and cosine values recording
  • Delay compensation tests to confirm the encoder works through its full speed range
  • Temperature rises captured using the motors actual temperature sensor system
  • Speed test to check the full rpm range
  • Drag test measuring coast down time from a set speed
  • Full vibration sweeps to check for damaged components

Once the motor has been fully assembled customers can carry out an AC Hi-pot insultation test.

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