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Meet Ayrton Rogers, one of our Mechanical Design Engineers within Electrified’s Automation Department.

Ayrton spends a typical day working with machines, taking initial concepts through from inception to production release. He was drawn the role due to the fast-paced and proactive environment and the continuous development of innovative and exciting products.

Prior to joining Electrified, Ayrton spent three years working in the Engineering department at Ashwoods Electric Motors as a mechanical design engineer, working on customer-driven projects creating fully integrated solutions. He then became a Mechanical Applications Engineer working with customers on custom integrations both hybrid and fully electric.

One of the main skills Ayrton needs to carry out his role at EA is the ability to visualise a project and any potential issues that may arise. He said: “The kind of machines that we work on are typically very large and complex, so being able to work out any little issues you may run into is very helpful when it comes to the build stages.

“Working with your hands is crucial too as the dynamic mindset here at EA means we are often tasked with building machines and prototypes ourselves.”

Ayrton hopes to progress within the business and become a senior mechanical design engineer over the coming years, believing it is the next logical step for his professional progression after spending most of his adult life working in mechanical design.

Despite the problems faced by the pandemic, Ayrton experienced one of his most memorable moments at EA during the third wave of COVID-19. “During lockdown I had an important machine build that needed completing” he explained. “So I packaged everything up that I needed and built the machine at home, in my garage.

“I was glad to be able to continue with the build and get the results we needed even though we were unable to get to the office”.

Ayrton is pictured below in his racing car, which Electrified Automation sponsor.

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