Rotor and Bearing Insertion Machine

Improves safety, reduces product failure and increases your manufacturing capability.

Reduces Health and Safety Risks

Handling rotors with high-strength magnets, and inserting the rotor into a stator can be dangerous, leading to all kinds of health and safety challenges.

With the automated rotor insertion machine this hazard is completed removed from the motor production process.

Key Features

  • Our technology achieves perfectly concentric insertion without parts colliding, which can lead which to damaged stator laminations.
  • Its secondary function is to insert bearings into motor housings or endplates, as well as joining bearings and shafts together.
  • Adaptable fixtures and quick and easy change over
  • Depending on the motor architecture, the machine can simultaneously insert the rotor and add the the bearing into the shaft and endplate.

Hotdrop Machine

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