Automating e-machine manufacturing

Electrified Automation automating electric motor manufacturing

We provide automated processes and assembly lines to enable you to make the motors you design

15 years in the making, the team at Electrified have developed a manufacturing solution for e-machines that is transforming business models globally. Focusing on how our innovations can accommodate your design and your processes, differentiates us from the rest.

Electrified Automation automating electric motor manufacturing

Electrified Automation about us

About Us

Realising electrification ambitions

Electrified Automation about us

By offering partners the chance to manufacture using our proven methodologies, we enable the ambitious to produce their own innovative e-machines with cost no longer a barrier. Operating out of our facility in Somerset UK, the experienced and dedicated team have committed to provide game changing manufacturing solutions.

Change the rules

Electrified Automation strive to be different, to be innovative, to be leaders. We want to be the spark that ignites the electric revolution in the world. This is only possible by working together with industry partners, making the world better by investing and inventing the future.

Driving the electric revolution

Innovation in stator forming, coil winding, copper welding, rotor assembly and software integration

Electrified Automation Driving the electric revolution

We enable our partners to step into the EV sectors with

  • Fastest route to market for in-house e-machine production
  • Fractional CAPEX investment
  • Enhanced product lifetime with cost-effective componentry
  • Embedded value chain software management
  • Best-in-class modular manufacturing methodology
  • Commercially available green-tech for a wide range of applications
Electrified Automation Driving the electric revolution

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