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About us

Electrified Automation develops cutting edge robotic technology and processes for the electric motor industry.

We work with customers across the globe to solve their production challenges and help them to scale-up and manufacture at high volume.

Our unique technology can be used to support a range of applications in the automotive, heavy industry and aerospace sectors.

Electrified Automation about us


Lloyd Ash is Founder and Innovation Director at Electrified Automation and oversees technology design and R&D.

Jim Winchester is Managing Director and responsible for leading the operations and commercial strategy of the business.

Both have extensive experience in the automotive sector and reputations for building highly skilled teams that deliver cutting edge electric motor technologies.

Electrified Automation about us

Modern Facility

Electrified Automation is based in Bridgwater, Somerset and has capacity for production, design, build and testing.

The modern offices house our growing team of engineers, salespeople and business support roles and include an open-plan work environment, well-equipped meeting rooms and spaces for staff downtime.

Electrified Automation Driving the electric revolution

Quality Management System

Electrified Automation is ISO9001 accredited for its Quality Management System (QMS).

As a trusted partner to our customers we will:

  • Fulfil all compliance obligations including committing to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, product and service safety conformity and risk mitigation
  • Provide a framework to achieve QMS objectives, targets and programmes
  • Identify the potential consequences associated with our products and services as well as their nature, use and intended lifetime
  • Undertake regular evaluations of the performance and effectiveness of our QMS
  • Address risks and opportunities by integrating our QMS into our business processes and strategies
  • Continuously improving our QMS and enhancing its performance.

Environmental Management System

Electrified Automation is ISO14001 accredited for its Environmental Management System (EMS).

As a trusted partner to our customers we will:

  • Identify cost savings, particularly in our resource, waste and energy management
  • Improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact across our product’s life cycle
  • Quantify, monitor and control the ongoing impact of operations
  • Ensure we understand and comply with environmental legislations

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Electrified Automation Ltd
Unit 4 Beech Business Park
Bristol Road, Bridgwater